Were you recently diagnosed with OA?

If so, understanding your treatment options can help you spend less time seeking relief and more time doing what you love.

Or if you have not been diagnosed, you may recognize these common OA symptoms:16

• Joint pain
• Joint stiffness and swelling
• Reduced joint range of motion and flexibility
• Joint weakness
• Grating sensations when moving your joints
• Fatigue
• Anxiety and depression

Early diagnosis of OA and proactive treatment can help you manage your OA effectively.

Learn more about osteoarthritis causes and diagnosis.

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Did you know that osteoarthritis can affect more than one joint?

If you have osteoarthritis in your hands, it may be difficult for you to maintain your grip or fasten buttons. In your hips, shoulders, knees or ankles, osteoarthritis may result in difficulty walking, standing up after a prolonged period of sitting, bending down, kneeling or climbing stairs.16