Choose GELSYN-3 for proven outcomes35

GELSYN-3 has efficacy equivalent to a high-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid comparator:

  • A 3-injection series of GELSYN-3 (0.8% highly purified, hyaluronic acid of biofermentation origin) or Synvisc® (0.8% hylan G-F 20)
  • Patients (N=380) were observed for a period of 26 weeks
  • Primary outcome measure: WOMAC pain score at 26 weeks

Synvisc is a registered trademark of Genzyme Biosurgery.


GELSYN-3 also demonstrated improvements in knee function, stiffness, and global pain scores.


GELSYN-3 performed as well as Synvisc in terms of effectiveness and safety, providing patients with long-lasting, clinically relevant pain relief.35