Shown to significantly improve patient quality of life as early as 2 weeks after an injection,26 DUROLANE effectiveness has been proven in more clinical studies than any other single-injection hyaluronic acid knee therapy:


Uniquely formulated for superior single-injection performance

Created using an innovative stabilizing technology,27 DUROLANE was purposefully designed to be a powerful, single-injection hyaluronic acid therapy.

DUROLANE is a high-molecular-weight, nonavian hyaluronic acid, stabilized with a carefully controlled cross-linking process to increase residence time in the knee joint.27,28,31

Choose DUROLANE for longer-lasting results

  • Increased residence time in the knee joint27,29-32
  • A half-life of 30 days in the knee joint, for both animals and humans29,30
  • The longest reported half-life of any hyaluronic acid product29,32

‡The clinical relevance of this information has not been determined.