Is DUROLANE right for you?

You may be prescribed DUROLANE if you are:

  1. Diagnosed with mild to moderate osteoarthritis32
  2. Diagnosed with osteoarthritis in the knee, hip, shoulder, ankle, wrist, fingers, or toes*32
  3. A nonresponder to alternative osteoarthritis treatments6
  4. Allergic to animal-sourced products and in need of a synthetic product6
  5. Motivated to get back to your normal daily activities
  6. Looking to delay joint replacement surgery, with a treatment safe for repeated use over time2,10
  7. Not a surgical candidate and needing a nonoperative treatment for long lasting pain relief2,4,10
  8. Looking to reduce your use of NSAIDs and painkillers9,37
  9. Looking to avoid repeat injections of corticosteroid4

Many factors may influence which OA therapies work best for you. So talk with your doctor to find out if DUROLANE should be part of your treatment pathway.

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