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DUROLANE is a unique, single-injection hyaluronic acid therapy that provides long-lasting pain relief from osteoarthritis, for up to 6 months.2

What makes DUROLANE different is its hyaluronic acid formulation, which has been carefully stabilized to resist degradation, extending the time DUROLANE stays in the joint and adding to its long-lasting effect.1,26,29

As the chosen therapy of over 2 million osteoarthritis patients worldwide,27 it is clinically proven safe for repeated courses of therapy,2 and provides longer-lasting pain relief versus a steroid injection2 or Synvisc-One®.*4

Beyond safe pain relief, DUROLANE may help delay knee replacement surgery.**9, 10

*Some patients were treated with a three-injection Synvisc® regimen. A three-injection Synvisc regimen is equivalent to one injection of Synvisc-One.

**While not specifically studied in Altman et al. analysis,3 DUROLANE belongs to the hyaluronic acid class of treatments, and has been found in two other studies to perform similarly to the hyaluronic acid brands that were analysed in the Altman study. These studies are DUROLANE vs. Synvisc/Synvisc-One, McGrath et al.;4 and DUROLANE vs. SUPARTZ: Zhang et al.28

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Choosing DUROLANE means less time seeking pain relief and more time doing what you love.